Our annual audit for the ISO-9001 Quality Management & ISO-14001 Environmental Management, took place in July and we are really proud to say we passed with flying colours once again.

This year we have worked hard to embed the principles of ISO into everything we do, whether a new idea or an existing strategy or process. The principles are being rolled out to every level of the business, from Directors to warehouse operatives and administration clerks, and the results are clearly evident.

The ISO-14001 Environmental Standard, alongside the Carbon Charter Accreditation, has had a distinct impact on the warehouse guys, who have been coming up with great ideas for reducing and recycling packaging waste and looking at car sharing.

Looking ahead, we have our first audit for the ISO-45001 Occupational Health & Safety Standard in September, which we are busy preparing for.

The three ISO standards will then underpin all areas of the business and support us to continuously improve our systems. If you are considering introducing ISO standards into your business, we would encourage you to take the plunge