Summer BBQ

Friday we held our Summer BBQ, everyone finished early and got together in the sunshine to sample more of Managing Director / Head Chef Malcolm’s hotdogs and burgers. Operations Manager Paul, added a bit of fun with the giant inflatable hotdog, but it was a bit windy to try and fix it to the roof of the motorhome as planned 😃


ISO’s achieved with flying colours

Our annual audit for the ISO-9001 Quality Management & ISO-14001 Environmental Management, took place in July and we are really proud to say we passed with flying colours once again.

This year we have worked hard to embed the principles of ISO into everything we do, whether a new idea or an existing strategy or process. The principles are being rolled out to every level of the business, from Directors to warehouse operatives and administration clerks, and the results are clearly evident.

The ISO-14001 Environmental Standard, alongside the Carbon Charter Accreditation, has had a distinct impact on the warehouse guys, who have been coming up with great ideas for reducing and recycling packaging waste and looking at car sharing.

Looking ahead, we have our first audit for the ISO-45001 Occupational Health & Safety Standard in September, which we are busy preparing for.

The three ISO standards will then underpin all areas of the business and support us to continuously improve our systems. If you are considering introducing ISO standards into your business, we would encourage you to take the plunge


Our Facilitator, Ian Wearing (on the right of the picture), completed the London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride last weekend, raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Finishing in an impressive 4 hrs 20 mins, only taking 2 rest stops and then facing the challenging uphill climb of Ditchling Beacon, Ian is very proud of his achievement. And so are we …… great stuff Ian!! 


Carbon Literacy Accreditation

Congratulations to Sara, our General Manager and Beverley, our Business Support Officer for gaining their Carbon Literate Accreditation earlier this month. Thank you to Amy Coulter at Groundwork East for running an interesting and informative course, which we would recommend to any business to help them become more sustainable and environmentally aware.


Silver Award Case Study

Following our 2021 Silver Award with the Carbon Charter Organisation, our case study has now been published. Click here to read our case study and discover more about how we achieved our Silver Award. We are working our way towards the Gold Award in 2022 and as part of that process some team members will be attending a Carbon Literacy course in the spring, which will give us more of an insight into how we can achieve this. Find out more about the Carbon Charter by visiting, where you can learn about environmental legislation and how you can reduce your carbon footprint.


We're really pleased with our new sign on our new warehouse on the Roy Humphrey Estate A140 Brome.

New Warehouse Sign

We’re really pleased with the giant sign on our new warehouse, see if you can spot it when you drive past the Roy Humphrey Estate on the A140 at Brome, near Diss.

Thanks to FSG Signs in Norwich, who did a great job.


ISO 14001 Accreditation Year 3

We achieved our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Accreditation alongside our ISO 9001, in the summer. As a company we work to reduce our carbon emissions, by continuously monitoring our fuel, waste, energy and packaging usage and finding ways to make significant and measurable progress. 


ISO 9001 Certification Year 3

In the summer of 2021 we received our ISO 9001 certification following our annual audit, by McKibben Management Consultants Ltd. The ISO 9001 certification is about developing a quality management system that works to consistently deliver the highest level of service to customers. This has been especially helpful during Brexit and the current Covid-19 pandemic, when logistics and warehousing have been under immense pressure.
Since we began working with ISO 9001 standard in 2019, we have developed new and improved ways of working, including with customers, suppliers and our own teams.
We also hold ISO 14001 and aim to be working towards other ISO standards in 2022.


Movember Campaign – Winner

We decided to have a little competition for the best Movember disguise, with a prize being some shaving gear!!

And the winner is Ian, our Health & Safety / Training Facilitator, sporting a rather impressive Hi Vis colour coordinated number.

Our thanks goes to Michaela Humphrey, who came along to be our judge.