This sector requires strict protocols for the storage and handling of products.

Regular palletised consignments of healthcare products leave our warehouses, to supply both NHS and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Our accreditations and quality management systems ensure we meet all industry regulations

CW Logistics design and implement specific processes and procedures for all its customers, whether to simply support the operational specification or, as in this sector, to ensure regulatory standards are met and are auditable at any time.

Furniture and Fixtures

Products such as sofa’s, beds and flat pack furniture, take up a large amount of storage space and small retail outlets often have a limited space to utilise.

Our warehouses are equipped to store large quantities of oversized items. This allows our customers the flexibility to send orders for large wholesale, or direct to consumer distribution and have them processed alongside each other.


Many of our frequently distributed products are toys, from small baby items to large outdoor play equipment, such as trampolines and ride-on vehicles. Storage can be a challenge for suppliers of high turnover or larger products, meaning they need to place frequent small orders with manufacturers, often resulting in increased costs or lead-times.

Imported products also need to be ordered in large quantities which can force them out of the scope of their product range.

Utilising our warehousing capabilities, allows our customers to store larger quantities and facilitate fast and direct distribution to their customers, particularly during high demand periods such as Summer and Christmas.

Audio Visual Equipment

High end audio, large TV’s or touch sensitive cinema screens, the challenges of them being fragile, often oversized and high in value is something we handle every day.

Our facilities help manage stock levels, allowing higher volumes to be held, ensuring product is readily available for despatch as soon as it is needed. And our skilled warehouse operatives take every care when handling products, ensuring they stay in perfect condition throughout their journey with us.

Remember, you can also take advantage of the HMRC’s ‘Import Now, Pay later’ scheme, with our bonded warehouses, which will be of great benefit if your audio visual equipment is of high value. 

Seasonal Products

Camping Equipment is among the Seasonal products that require additional space at critical times of the year. At CW Logistics we optimise our warehouse space to accommodate the needs of our customer and ensure they can maintain their stock levels during these crucial periods.

If you are a business that deals in seasonal products, such as toys, garden furniture, camping equipment, Christmas product etc, holding and storing increased levels of stock in the period running up to peak can be challenging.

This is where CW Logistics prides itself on being equipped to help you ensure you can meet demand, with varied warehousing and distribution solutions, from the financial benefits of building stock levels under bonded conditions, to organising additional high levels of resource, we will maintain supply to your customers throughout the height of your season.

Fitness Equipment

With more technically advanced fitness equipment coming to the market and the increase in working from home, people are creating their own home gyms and fitness routines. This increase in supply and demand has resulted in the need for new and larger logistics facilities.

Our new, high security warehouse offers our customer the ability to keep a large quantity of valuable products in stock, allowing both wholesale and direct orders to be handled efficiently at all times.

Your Sector

‘Your success is our success’, which means we put all our logistics expertise to work, to support your business. 

Our proven IT systems, operational procedures and skilled workforce are developed to be flexible and work with our customers, not for our customers. 

Whatever your sector, we are ready and waiting to hear from you. With a hands-on approach, our Directors and Managers will work with you to find a solution to meet your needs and help your business succeed.

Building strong, long term partnerships with our customers offers mutual benefits and promotes success on both sides.  

Whether you are a new business looking for your first external logistics support, or an established business searching for a new supply chain company, CW Logistics is here for you. 

Contact us today to find out more.